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Olympia LePoint is a TED Speaker at the TEDxPCC Conference on November 23, 2013 in Arcadia, California, United States of America.

Through years of personal triumph and leadership, Olympia LePoint has mastered the ways to simply-express complex corporate, federal and educational messages to inspire audiences. Olympia has over a decade of public speaking experience.

With a passionate and electric style, Olympia reveals ways for experiences and strategies to add together. Olympia shows how to reprogram your brain for success, and use your pre-existing resources for victory over any obstacle. Olympia's motivational speaking engagements include:

The 2004 California State University Northridge Graduating Ceremony;

1998-2007 The Boeing Company “Discover-E Educational Outreach” Keynote Speeches;

The 2004 Hope Chapel of The Valley Women’s Conference;

The 2005 & 2006 Joseph Walker Training Center Organization Award Ceremony;

The 2006 United Technologies “Leaders in Science & Technology Forum”;

The 2008 California Science Center Museum Keynote Speaker;

2007 - 2013 Mathaphobia ® Keynote Speeches;

2008 Marriott Hotel Leadership Training;

2008 Siemens Medical Diagnostics Keynote Speaker;

2009 Santa Monica Rotary Club Keynote Speaker;

2009 California Science Center Museum Keynote Speaker;

2009 Kiwanis Keynote Speaker;

2009 Santa Monica Community College Keynote Speaker - Math Made Real;

2010 California State University Engineering & Science Program Keynote Speaker;

2010 - 2013 TV Guest Expert on TV Network News and Talk Shows;

2013 Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship Awards Luncheon;

2013 Girl Scouts “Stargazing & Storytelling” Keynote Speaker for STEM Education.

2013 TED Conference Speaker, at TEDx PCC

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